Microsoft Business Intelligence

Microsoft BI is a set of products that allow organizations to make decisions based on trustworthy information from internal and external data sources.

From the standpoint of the options for implementing analytical activities, there are three possible scenarios: personal, collective and corporate analytics.

Microsoft Business Intelligence is:

  • Technological capabilities of Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Power BI and Datazen visualization tools.
  • Online processing of large-scale transactions (OLTP).
  • Storage, quick access and analysis of large amounts of data.
  • Flexibility of customization and visualization of the results of business analysis.

Microsoft Business Intelligence includes Power BI and Datazen visualization tools that provide additional capabilities for creating convenient and efficient BI solutions.

The main features of the platform Microsoft Business Intelligence:

  • Fast and convenient analysis of a large data set.
  • Adaptive design for working with various devices.
  • Visualization of the results of business analysis with the ability to personalize.
  • Joint work with data, transition to data levels.
  • Integration with the LDAP server for authorization of users.
  • Secure publication of information panels.

Advantages of Microsoft Business Intelligence platform:

  • Analysis and construction of reports in real time.
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft products and services.
  • Secure connection to data sources (local, cloud).
  • Quick deployment of BI solutions.
  • Easy integration with IT systems, into the existing IT infrastructure.
  • Group work with data with restricted access rights:
    • General access to reports and analytics;
    • Setting access rights for users and privileges;
    • Automatic synchronization of data for all users.

A distinctive feature of Microsoft Business Intelligence is the ability to process large sets of data: loading data to display the current view and uploading data from the server while the user is using the application.

Each employee can customize their own reports using the necessary data, taking into account the permissions and access rights.

The unique technology of data analysis and visualization allows to effectively use the screen space of the device (mobile phone, tablet, computer, screens) for the most understandable presentation to various categories of business users.