IOS (until June 24, 2010 - iPhone OS) - a mobile operating system for smartphones, electronic tablets, portable players and some other devices, developed and manufactured by the American company Apple.

It was released in 2007; Originally for the iPhone and iPod touch, later for devices such as the iPad and Apple TV.

In 2014, there was support for automotive multimedia systems Apple CarPlay.

Unlike Windows Phone (Microsoft) and Android (Google), is released only for devices manufactured by Apple.

In iOS, the XNU engine is based on the Mach microkernel and contains the program code developed by Apple, as well as code from the NeXTSTEP and FreeBSD operating systems.

The core of iOS is almost identical to the core of the Apple MacOS desktop operating system (formerly called OS X).

Since the very first version, iOS works only on tablet computers and smartphones with ARM architecture processors.