ASP.NET (Active Server Pages for .NET) is a technology for creating Web applications and web services from Microsoft. It is an integral part of the Microsoft .NET platform and the development of the older Microsoft ASP technology.

ASP.NET in many respects retains similarity with older ASP technology, which allows developers to move relatively easily to ASP.NET. At the same time, the internal device of ASP.NET differs significantly from ASP, because it is based on the .NET platform and, therefore, uses all the new features provided by this platform.

ASP.NET is a web-based platform that provides all the necessary services for creating enterprise-class server-based web applications. ASP.NET is based on the .NET Framework, so all .NET Framework functions are available for ASP.NET applications. Applications can be written in any language that is compatible with the CLR environment, including Visual Basic and C #.

You can use Visual Studio to create ASP.NET Web applications. In addition, there is a free stand-alone product Visual Studio Express for the Web, which includes a basic set of web development features implemented in Visual Studio.

ASP.NET is a single model for developing Web applications with a minimum of code that contains the services needed to build web applications for enterprises. ASP.NET is part of the .NET Framework, and therefore provides access to the classes of this platform. Applications can be written in any CLR language, including Microsoft Visual Basic, C #, JScript .NET, and J #. These languages allow you to develop ASP.NET applications that can take full advantage of the CLR environment, type security, inheritance, and so on.

ASP.NET includes:

  • Platform for developing the page and controls
  • The ASP.NET compiler
  • Data protection infrastructure
  • Possibility to manage the state
  • Application Configuration
  • Monitoring and tuning performance
  • Debug Support
  • XML Web Services Platform
  • Extensible hosting environment and application lifecycle management
  • Expandable Design Environment