Oracle Database or Oracle RDBMS is an object-relational database management system for Oracle.

Reliability, safety, high productivity, convenience in work. This is the main thing that characterizes Oracle products for many years. The most important is that it is for DBMS, which has become by now a practically mandatory part of any serious information system.

Modern Oracle DBMS is a powerful software package that allows you to create applications of any complexity. The core of this complex is a database that stores information, the amount of which is virtually unlimited due to the provided scaling tools. With the high efficiency of working with this information, almost any number of users (with sufficient hardware resources) can simultaneously simultaneously, without showing a tendency to decrease in system performance with a sharp increase in their number.

Scaling mechanisms in Oracle database allow to increase the power and speed of the Oracle server and its applications without limit, simply adding new and new nodes of the cluster. This does not require stopping running applications, does not require rewriting old applications designed for the usual single-machine architecture. In addition, the failure of individual cluster nodes also does not cause the application to stop.

Embedding in Oracle Database JavaVM, full-scale support for server technologies (Java Server Pages, Java servlets, Enterprise JavaBeans modules, application programming interfaces CORBA), led to the fact that Oracle today is de facto the standard for the Internet for the database.

Another component of the success of Oracle DBMS is the multi-platform, as it is delivered for almost all existing operating systems. Working under Sun Solaris, Linux, Windows or on another operating system with Oracle products will not experience any problems in the work. The Oracle DBMS works equally well on any platform.