Dealer portal is a decision addressed to those organizations which are interested in the effective distribution network. During the crisis such approach to doing business get special demand. It has been even noted at the highest governmental level that our businesses have learned to produce quality products, but do not always know how to quickly and profitably sell them.

Solution such dealer portal allow you to organize timely uninterrupted supply of products and goods distribution network. The benefits of this solution is suitable not only for trading organizations, distributors and large industrial enterprises. Every manufacturer today is interested in quick sales. Many manufacturing firms are still inclined to underestimate the benefits of automation of such processes. They trying to solve the problem of coordination of a dealer network in a manual mode or trying to assign such functions to the products that are not peculiar. As an example - the warehouse software. Our solution is specially focused on the support of the dealer network, using a convenient Web-based interface, and basically - Microsoft solutions, tested and supported by many specialists in Belarus.

Dealer portal is a direct way to increase your sales, to eliminate of warehouse surplus and to eliminate of so-called cash shortages. Such solution can even remove the problem of external borrowing - by speeding up the sale of products or goods. In conditions of high interest rates, uncertainty of subsidies and insufficient availability of credits you will get a solution that can really help you. Not even mention the fact that this solution is not only in crisis, but in the good years will help you to strengthen the stability of manufacture and trading organization.