Portal of remote client service is one of the main trends in the consumer segment of the economy, and in the current level of cooperation between legal entities.

The convenience of remote service had appreciated the mass consumer in trade, banking services, services in the broadest sense. It’s difficult today to medium and large companies to be competitive, without having at its disposal the remote client service system.

The best format for remote client service is considered to be the use of the personal e-office. Personal e-office in visual form can inform the customer about the services and serves as a way to get these services.

The development of portal of remote client service is based on the needs of the customer: implement a system of electronic delivery or establish electronic document between the institutions. The clients of portal remote service will appreciate the convenience and time savings while appointments in various institutions, table reservations in a cafe or restaurants, other services, including those related to the partial or full payment. Nowadays we have well established remote payment system of any services by SSIS. Our already implemented solutions confirm the opportunities for usage of remote service portal: there are the payment acceptance systems, parental controls for the pupils in the field of education, logistics services.

There also clearly seen the benefits of custom development of remote service portals. Using of packaged solutions in such case is nonsense. The company's customers will notice that this solution is similar to others. As a result, it lost the unique and competitive advantages. Custom developed remote service portal strengthening competitive advantages of your company, helps retain and expand market share. For any business is better to move with the market, and even better - ahead of him. We address our proposal to develop remote service portal to those companies, which understand such requirements.