Corporate portal for employees is a solution that allows you to control the main resource of any company - its staff. Using exclusive features of modern technology, such as the possibility of instant information and quickly provided feedbacks - we offer a system of distance learning and knowledge control staff. This ensures that the qualifications of the personnel performed tasks. Thus there is a significant savings of time resources of costly human resource managers who’s job to search and prepare the human resources. The HR portal provides a constant update of information important to the success of the enterprise.

Such decisions with their obvious efficiency exist on the market of IT services as well as a packaged software product. But we, as experts in the matter, decided to offer the custom development of corporate HR portal for several reasons.

First of all, full functionality. Packaged software solution offers the average set of features, many of which are not in demand of the company. But it may lack the necessary functions. Custom software development devoid of these shortcomings.

Second, an individual approach. Portal based on a packaged solutions deprives the company of its personality, the distinctive features of the structure, which, possibly, provide him a competitive advantage on the market. With the portal, made to order, the company is unique, maintains its positive differences.

Third – the innovation. Packaged solutions as the product has a definite life cycle: development - promotion - implementation. But in the field of IT the updates happened very quickly, and therefore packaged solutions are always lagging a step or two from the actual innovative solutions that we use in our work. And these solutions can be much more efficient than the outdated.

Existing implementations of HR portals on the Belarusian market confirm the correctness of our approach. Our solution allows for one of the largest insurance company a quick training and education of insurance agents. In a large bank with the help of our solution are solved questions of increase of efficiency of employees through the contest "Person of the Year" and the implementation of other motivational policies embodied in the HR portal. There can be a lot of components of the final decision, their development and usage is dictated by the real needs of the client.

If you have already realized that the staff - your main resource, then you understand the necessity of management of this resource by using a simple, intuitive and effective tool – the corporate HR portal. Remains to order it from us.