Business intelligence system (BI) is enabling to managers and specialists of the company to receive quick detailed performance indicators for operational analysis and planning, using consolidated data from corporate knowledge base. Data are collected from various sources. In the case of the implementation of "Collecting report code system" and also out of it. On the basis of the collected data you have the opportunity to produce counting user-defined parameters and their further display in a convenient visual form, for example, in the form of charts or pivot tables.

In regard to the analysis of the data - we follow the global standards. Basically, all the necessary facilities are provided by Microsoft technologies. In particular, the MS SQL Server provides powerful analytics that allow us to consider building consolidated reports and multidimensional data sets (OLAP-cubes) which are suitable for long-term storage and processing. With the help of MS Excel, the user receives useful reports and graphs from them. This way Business intelligence systems are implemented(BI), that is, tools to translate raw data into meaningful, easy-to-use business analysis form. Each project - has its own specifics and its BI settings, its own set of reports. Our task is to set up the system properly so that it counts proper indexes. For example, in the Information-analytical system for republican Educational system, annual reports collected from all schools of the Republic of Belarus. Based on the processing of these data at any time, you can make the sample and compare performance on different criteria: the academic performance of disadvantaged children and the dynamics of this index year to year, or several years, and so on.

System is an essential tool for the modern way of the management of activities of both public organizations and private commercial enterprises. BI system creates a clear picture of the enterprise and strengthens the intellectual potential of management. To ignore such tool - means to give up position in a competition. If you do not have the BI system, it might already have a competitor. You should equalize your position.