Electronic reporting system is always urgently needed in public bodies, where have place the staff optimization, while maintaining the volume of work. Such system allow organizations to receive reports from its customers electronically, using an electronic digital signature (EDS). As a result, we have tangible decrease of labor and time costs required for this necessary operation as for an organization and as her clients.

Currently, we have already been implemented such systems in the Ministry of Education, in the Operator of secondary material resources, in insurance company "Belgosstrakh". The number of users of the system may be different. The maximum number of already implemented - over 150 000.

We integrate the system of electronic reporting with customer's existing informational systems. We guarantee correct interaction with any system, whether it is based on Microsoft SQL Server, 1C or any other. The main labor cost while the development is laying down on a formation of reports. Implementation period depends on the number and complexity of reports: the web form of reports solves many issues related to the control of the correctness of user filling. But the essence of the system - that we create a secure user account, access to which is carried out by electronic signature. E-office user has at his disposal a certain set of functionality that allows the transmission of reports.

As in other cases, automation, implementation period depends on the willingness of the customer. We also offer the implementation of the system in the form of "software as a service» (SaaS), ie in the form of rent software. It reduces the time and much more convenient to customers and their users.
If you are ready for the transfer to paperless technology, and realized that this approach provides significant benefits by saving expensive resources - let's start working with us right now!